It had to happen sooner or later -- Web design and development has been turned into an extreme survivor sport. WebEdge Survivor is coming to Austin, Texas this July 3-7, 2004.

The event's coordinators are now accepting team entry submissions to participant in the event. It's being billed as a "spectator event and real-time Web design and implementation competition." The folks producing WebEdge Survivor want "to introduce the general public to the horrors and excitement of Web development."  It will be webcast and made in to a documentary for next year's submission to

"Young kids and old-timers with the battle scars of numerous projects, constantly face the stress caused by impossible time lines, the minefields of vague requirements and the shock of "survival challenges" at irregular hours just so you and I can enjoy surfing the Web," said WebEdge "commander" Carl de Cordova. "WebEdge Survivor will pit the best against the best and is sure to be excruciating good fun to watch for techies and non-techies alike."

Participants comprising five teams will be selected by entries received before July 1, 2004. Once they're assembled, each team will be given an assignment that will be kept top secret until the beginning of the event. Then they'll have 25 hours to plan, design and execute a solution. To help maintain dramatic tension, video crews and a live audience will be on hand to witness the trials and tribulations of each Web development team.  And they will also face a "Survival Challenge" where the winners get a night on a yacht on Lake Travis with bands playing and gourmet food and the losers will be consigned a tent far in the woods with rice to cook and a pot, but no matches.

For entertainment at the event, there will be swimming, roque, volleyball, basketball, softball, running, hiking, biking, yoga, tai chi and nia.  There will be a community sing and movie every night.  There will be a children's parade and balloon ascension with fireworks on July 4th.  There will be special excursions for challenge winners to Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

The first place prize is valued at $10,000. It'll be awarded to the best team, as judged by a panel of experts and audience voting.  Entry fee is $500 per person which covers four days of competition and high level training courses in web design and promotion/marketing.

Event Co-ordinators and Staff (proposed):

  1. Carl DeCordova, Chief Executive Officer 310-0925 
  2. Paul Terry Walhus, Chief Operating Officer 581-9617 
  3. Dorothy "Dot" Epp, Treasurer 
  4. Sheryl Leventhal, Strategist, Designer, Implementation Expert 512.835.6840
  5. Sally Wood, Little Rock Detail Person 512-925-1794 
  6. Bob Nagy Videographer and Wifi Master 
  7. Mike Flaherty  Construction Supervisor and Festival Music Director 
  8. Joseph Ranzoni, Property Management and Real Estate Partnership Consultant 
  9. John and Jodi Long, East Coast Representatives, Celebrity Liason 
  10. Elota Patton, Business Advisor from the McCombs School of Business

Volunteers to be recruited from around Austin and Bastrop

To sign up call Paul at 512/581-9617 or email

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