Webby Awards Swim and BBQ Night
Location: Paul and Dots house 
182 Clover Rd, Cedar Creek, TX
When: Thursday, June 5, 7:00pm 
Phone: 512-581-9617

Paul and Dorothy are having a "Webby Awards" potluck party which will co-incide with the web awards event on the net. Dress and atmosphere are casual, don't be fooled by dressy duds in the picture to the left. 

There will be swimming (so bring your trunks or bathing suit), barbecue, games, and a discussion of this years web awards. And of course a viewing of the webcast in our living room. You can contact us at 581-9617 or 699-4000 to co-ordinate potluck items and directions.

We'll be making a video of this event and souvenir VCD/DVDs will be available at a later date. There will be some VCDs/Windows Media Disks/DVDs given away at the party. There will be a showing of the SXSW Web Award video that we made, or at least some preview clips.

Directions to Paul and Dots place from Austin, Texas

1. Take Highway 71 East past the new airport.
2. Drive about 14 miles till you get to The Diamond Shamrock Station!
3. Turn right on Hwy 1209 (to San Marcos). There's a sign that says Utley, San Marcos
4. Cross Hwy 21 (don't turn on to 21!),
5. Continue across 21 to N Gaines Rd or County 81. 
6. Turn right at the "t" on to Shiloh Rd or County Rd 82
7. Go about 1/4 mile
8. Turn left on Clover Rd
9. Go across the creek and go to the last house on the road.  It's a big green house.
Look for the big blue mailbox, it's the only blue mailbox on this road. It says 182.


call 512-699-4000 cell phone or 581-9617 home


Guests accepting so far


Karen Kreps at Barton Springs


Karen Kreps, web designer, and Arye Shapiro, sculptor



Tommy and Stephanie

Webbie Awards 2003

ActForChange http://www.actforchange.com
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SXSW Website Competition Finalists - with a few comments

The results are in! Introducing the SXSW Website Competition Finalists for 2003. Winners were announced at the SXSW Web Awards ceremony on Sunday evening, March 9.

Croatian Tales of Long Ago nice fairy tale flash with sound, runner up
Sixsidia couldn't get it to work . . . confusing but nice graphics
Tales on the LEGO Express well done interactive cartoon on a train
TotalPort Movie nice demo
Wednesday Cooper great new way to do poetry, the winner

Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People well done native peoples site, A for content
Circle of Stories 
Heimophotography stunning Iceland photos w/ nice interface, runner up
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston very fine museum site
Nikolas Koenig Photography The winner, a very good site could have been a great one if the author had offered a "slide show" option

Andante well done classical music site Winner

Corridos Sin Fronteras 
Hot Topic Radio
Passport To Texas
Sonic Memorial Project

AllAboutDJ nice pull down menus with top music charts 
Drunken Boat real nice poetry magazine with audio
GAIN 2.0 average looking business design site
Polar Inertia The 7.5 and 8 point text is unreadable, talk about fine print
Urban Collective terrific main page drop down tied to graphic window Winner

Developer's Resource
All Consuming Winner Book Reviews tied to Amazon purchase links and to book blogs
Flash Goddess
Usable Help

Educational Resource
Campfire Stories with George Catlin
Face to Face
Safe As Mother's Milk: The Hanford Project
Stories Untold
The 35th Infantry Division in World War Two

A is for Apple
Trevor Van Meter Flyguy
You and We

Film/Film Industry
Bowling For Columbine
Ice Age
Minority Report
Terminator 3

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Shooting Stars Krazy Golf
The Sopranos, Big Pussy's Poker Heaven
Tokidoki's Sushi Race
Tracker: The Hunt for Zin

The Green Squad
It's My Life
Mercury Rising: Bearing Witness to Climate Change
Network for Good -- Youth Noise
WWF Expeditions in Conservation: Mesoamerican Reef

Grrl Site
Another Girl at Play
GirlsAllowed! Winner for clever pictures and captions
Nike Goddess Very fine fashion site, close runnerup
Zanadi Jeans

Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black
Indecision 2002
Super Console Wars
Totally Off the Record

In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01
Media That Matters
Three Abreast
Wanda Jean: One Year Later

Music Industry
The Artist Couch Exchange
Misra Records
Motel Records
Songwriters Hall of Fame Virtual Museum

Musical Artist/Band
Gershwin Music Estate

Personal/Online Diary
Fear and Loafing on the Mayan Riviera
First-Year Student Journals
optimal | suboptimal
The SB Project

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents
Scene 360

Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives
Who's We Design Studios

Headcase Productions
Fresh Media v3
One Night at the Star Fright

Airbag nice three column layout, great graphics, interesting content
Erichian nice page but it doesn't look like a weblog
Pixelog again nice photos but why is it so hard to do an automated slideshow, makes me click, click, click, click...
Ultramicroscopic very nice subtle use of color and graphics
WHEDONesque.com Share your views on Buffy, Angel, Firefly and any other projects in which Joss is involved. Blood and Burba weed will be served. Bring your own demon. The winner.


The Awakening
Bad Girl Good Woman Productions
The Devil's Dictionary
A Dog and His Elephant
Holiday Greeting

2002 SXSW Website Competition Winners

Congratulations to the 2002 Web Awards winners! Don't forget to check out all the finalists from the 2002 Website Competition. All of these sites were launched in calendar year 2001, demonstrating that amazing innovation and creativity is still very much alive and well on the internet.

Animation/Cartoon Deep Fried, Live!
Art/Culture Thinkcollective
Content/E-zine Burning Word
Developer's Resource Ultrashock v4
Film/Film Industry     Tongsville
Green/Non-Profit NorthPole2002.com
Grrl Site WhatsHerFace.com
Humor/Satire Unpluggedtv.com
Music Industry LostRock.com
Musician/Band Utah Carol
Online Education Resource What is a Print
Online Gaming Aliveis.com
Online Movie/TV I Witness
Personal/Online Diary Mastication Is Normal
Redesign/Relaunch Born Magazine
Services Creatas
Streaming Audio/Radio Looplabs
Student Ry-guy.com
Weblog Dollarshort.org
Weird/Extreme Teddy
People's Choice Award Deviant Art
Best of Show Tongsville