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Professional Background

I have been in the computer industry in Austin for over ten years, starting at BPI Systems on Guadalupe Street. I have worked at Computerland, Entre, MicroAge, Sematech and other high tech companies. My goal is to provide a place for folks to talk to each other and express themselves on the Internet in a free, comfortable environment and to provide a place for businesses to prosper and get their message out to the net using electronic commerce.

Austin's Virtual Community:

The Spring

The Spring is a place where you can talk about culture, politics, love, generations, movies, tv, performances, sports, food, books, science fiction, and many other topics. Jump in, the water's fine, add your own comments.

Favorite Hangouts on the Web

Folks with Spring Web pages

The house I built in the country, rented to some folks who really care about it who I met on the Spring.

Please send me your comments.