2008 SXSW Interactive Panels Schedule

Everything subject to change.

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Friday, March 7th

2:00 pm   Book Reading: Designing the Moment

2:30 pm   Book Reading: Pro JavaScript Design Patterns

3:00 pm   Book Reading: The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

3:30 pm   Book Reading: Building Findable Web Sites

3:30 pm   Career Rev 342: Dabble Dabble, Toil and Kick Ass

3:30 pm   Edit Me! How Gamers are Adopting the Wiki Way

3:30 pm   How to Rawk SXSW: The Basics - Paul

4:00 pm   Book Reading: Subject to Change

4:30 pm   Book Reading: Radically Transparent

5:00 pm   Pro Gamers: New Extreme Athletes of the 21st Century

5:00 pm   Respect!

5:00 pm   Battledecks II

5:00 pm   Bankrupt Your Startup in Five Easy Steps - Paul

Saturday, March 8th

10:00 am   A Better Gun to Shoot Your Eye Out With

10:00 am   AJAX and Flash Mistakes: Lessons Learned Building SlideShare

10:00 am   Book Reading: Web Design for ROI

10:00 am   Catching up with Accessibility: The Basics Quickly

10:00 am   Creating Findable Rich Media Content

10:00 am   Design is in the Details

10:00 am   Filching Design: When the Shoe Fits

10:00 am   Kill Your Mouse: Kinetic Computing Arrives Main Stage

10:00 am   Quit Your Day Job and Vlog - Paul

10:00 am   Rome, Sweet Rome: Ancient Lessons in Design

10:00 am   What Teens Want Online & On Their Phones

10:00 am   Sponsored Panel: Knowing the Audience: Improving Communication Between Artists and Fans

10:30 am   Book Reading: Stylin' With CSS - Second Edition

11:00 am   Book Reading: High Performance Web Sites

11:30 am   Accessible Rich Media

11:30 am   Book Reading: The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Growing Pains: Your Web Company's Getting BIG

11:30 am   Core Conversation: GTD for Startups: Getting Things Done in the Real World

11:30 am   How to Rawk SXSW: Achieving Geekgasm

11:30 am   Just Over 50 and Not Dead Yet

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Start-up Management 2.0 - Keeping Teams Motivated, Productive, Happy - Paul

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Startup or Sellout: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

11:30 am   The Contextual Web

11:30 am   The Future of Virtual World & Game Development: Rise of the Indies

11:30 am   The Weird Turn Pro: Crowdsourcing For Creatives - Paul

11:30 am   The Suxorz: The Worst Ten Social Media Ad Campaigns of 2007

11:30 am   Top Ten Lessons Learned in E-Commerce

11:30 am   You Are Here: Gaming and User's Geolocation in Web 2.0

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Flat World? Secret Strategies, Tips and Tools

11:30 am   Sponsored Panel: Managing Communities That Work

12:00 pm   Book Reading: Media Rules!

12:30 pm   Book Reading: Mobilizing Generation 2.0

1:00 pm   Book Reading: Nokia Smartphone Hacks

1:30 pm   Book Reading: The Back of the Napkin

2:00 pm   Getting Unstuck: From Desktop to Device

2:00 pm   Online Extremism - And the Muslims Who Fight It

2:00 pm   Opening Remarks with Henry Jenkins and Steven Johnson - Paul

2:00 pm   Taking Your Web Talent to the Video Game Industry

2:00 pm   Location-based Entertainment, Animating Overlooked Spaces

3:00 pm   Book Reading: The Age of Engage: Reinventing Marketing for Today's Connected, Collaborative, and Hyperinteractive

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Adult Conversations: Sex, Intimacy & Online Relationships

3:30 pm   Blood, Sweat, and Fear: Great Design Hurts

3:30 pm   Body Optimization: Why Stop at Health & Fitness?

3:30 pm   Book Reading: Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Breakups 2.0

3:30 pm   Go For IT! Attracting Girls to Technology

3:30 pm   High-Tech Craft: Why Sewing and Knitting Still Matter

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Pink Ghetto Blasters: Destigmatizing Sex via Online Community Building

3:30 pm   'Redrum in the Rue Morgue': Collaboration in International Communities - Paul

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Sexual Ethics, Interactivity and Virtual Worlds

3:30 pm   The Art of Speed - Paul

3:30 pm   The Myth of the Rational Voter

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: When Your Partner is Your Partner

3:30 pm   10 Things We've Learned at 37signals

3:30 pm   Sponsored Panel: The Elephant in a Creative Designer's Living Room

3:30 pm   ARGs and the Future of Entertainment

4:00 pm   Book Reading: The Making of Second Life

4:30 pm   Book Reading: The Second Life Herald

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: A Developer's Cookbook to Leveraging Virtualization - Paul

5:00 pm   A General Theory of Creative Relativity

5:00 pm   Behind the Scenes at the Onion News Network

5:00 pm   Book Reading: Second Lives: A Journey Through Virtual Worlds

5:00 pm   City of Games: Inside Austin's Developerscape

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: How to Build Facebook in Bangalore: Outsourcing 2.0

5:00 pm   Managing the Media Blur

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Open Source or Open Pit

5:00 pm   Social Marketing Strategies Metrics, Where Are They?  - Paul

5:00 pm   Social Network Coups: The Users are Revolting!

5:00 pm   The Porn Police: Know the Rules

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Perma-Live-Vlogging: Vicious or Victory, Hell or Sweet?

5:00 pm   What Women Need to Succeed

5:00 pm   Worst Website Ever: That's So Crazy, It Just Might Work

5:30 pm   Book Reading: Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life

Sunday, March 9th

10:00 am   A/B Testing: Design Friend or Foe?

10:00 am   Everyone's A Design Critic

10:00 am   Hollywood and Design and Literature: Just Who is Inspiring Who?

10:00 am   How Manga Explains the World

10:00 am   Scope Creep and Other Villains

10:00 am   Social Design Strategies - Paul

10:00 am   The Female Takedown of Casual Gaming

10:00 am   The Science of Designing Interactions

10:00 am   Wireframing in a Web 2.0 World

10:00 am   Online Advertising for Newbies

10:00 am   Sponsored Panel: Increase Revenue by Mobile-Enabling Your Services

11:30 am   Core Conversation: 10 Easy Ways To Piss Off A Blogger (And Other Mistakes Marketers Make)

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Blog on Company Time Without Getting Dooced

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Blogging for Dollars - Blogging's a Profession?

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Diaper Diarists

11:30 am   Everything I Know About Accessibility I Learned From Star Wars

11:30 am   Friend Me! Vote for Me! Donate Now! - Paul

11:30 am   From Frustration to Elation: Getting Emotional by Design

11:30 am   Magic and Mental Models: Using Illusion to Simplify Designs

11:30 am   Make It So: Learning From SciFi Interfaces

11:30 am   Meet The Architects

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Pet Blogging: Not a Fluffy Puppy Story

11:30 am   Textbooks of the Future: Free & Collaborative!

11:30 am   The Real Dragon: Understanding the Web and Digital Media in China

11:30 am   Core Conversation: "I'm Internet Famous": Status in Social Media

11:30 am   Sponsored Panel: Responsible Web Design

2:00 pm   Designing for Freedom

2:00 pm   Logos: Why They're Irrelevant and Can Actually Hurt Your Business

2:00 pm   Keynote Interview with Mark Zuckerberg  - Paul

2:00 pm   Stories, Games and Your Brand

2:00 pm   Mobileactive: How Mobile Technology Impacts Politics and Vice Versa

3:00 pm   Book Reading: Some Assembly Required

3:30 pm   Book Reading: Brazen Careerist

3:30 pm   Content Boundaries, a 12-Step Program

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Cooking up Accessible Video for the Web

3:30 pm   Does Tomorrow's World Need Designers?

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Get Rich, Remain Accessible

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Global Design: Web Sites for the World

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: How Accessible Should Your Site Be?

3:30 pm   Human and Property Rights in Virtual Worlds

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Opening the Web to Linguistic Realities

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: The Web Standards Confession Booth

3:30 pm   Tools for Enchantment: 20 Ways to Woo Users

3:30 pm   Transparent or Top Secret: Pro Gridiron on the Web

3:30 pm   Where Are The Black Tech Bloggers?

3:30 pm   The 10 Commandments of Nice

3:30 pm   Awards - Do We Lose by Winning? - Paul

3:30 pm   Sponsored Panel: Scoop the Story on Your Blog

3:30 pm   SXSW Open Format

5:00 pm   Africa 2.0: Affecting Change Using Technology

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Are You Smarter Than A Wired Teen?

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Beyond the Page View: Measuring Social Media Engagement

5:00 pm   Career Transitions: From DIY to Working for The Man

5:00 pm   Data as Art: Musical, Visual Web APIs

5:00 pm   Gossip - Paul

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Mobile 2.0: Why the Third Screen is Taking Center Stage

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Mobile Manners: Mobile Presence and the Undefined Etiquette

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Raising Web 2.0 Enabled Kids in a World Afraid of MySpace

5:00 pm   Score! Learning E-commerce From the Sports Industry

5:00 pm   Sexual Privacy Online

5:00 pm   The Supercollider: A Hero of the Social Network - Paul

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: What Teens Want - In a Game

5:00 pm   LOLWUT? Why Do I Keep Coming Back to This Website?

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Mobile Media You Can Move To

5:00 pm   SEO 3.0: Optimizing Search & Social for 2008 and Beyond

5:00 pm   Sponsored Panel: Harness the Power of Social Networking on Your Intranet

Monday, March 10th

10:00 am   Beyond the Blogosphere: How Online Talent is Being Developed Offline - Paul

10:00 am   Blame Canada: 7 Ways We're Ahead in New Media

10:00 am   Building Developer-Friendly Web Service APIs

10:00 am   Games for Change: Real World Games with Real World Impact

10:00 am   Sponsored Panel: Going Social Now

10:00 am   Lost in Translation? Top Website Internationalization Lessons

10:00 am   Scalability Boot Camp

10:00 am   The Art of Self-Branding

10:00 am   The Care and Feeding of Your Startup

10:00 am   What User Generated Video Means to Word of Mouth Advertising

11:30 am   A Critical Look At OpenID

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Blueprinting Your Project: Put it on Paper or Just Start Coding?

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Design Metrics: Better Than 'Because I Said So'

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Designing for "Oh No!"

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Five Things Elite Designers Should Stop Saying

11:30 am   Hardware Mashups: Introducing the Long Tail of Gadgets

11:30 am   Self Replicating Awesomeness: The Marketing of No Marketing

11:30 am   Social Networking and Your Brand - Paul

11:30 am   Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!

11:30 am   The Web That Wasn't

11:30 am   True Stories from Social Media Sites - Paul

11:30 am   Mobile Phones: International Devices of Mystery

11:30 am   Sponsored Panel: Driving the Future of Consumer Electronics

2:00 pm   Browser Wars: Deja Vu All Over Again?

2:00 pm   Cyber Safety in the Interactive Age

2:00 pm   Judo Moves for Defending Your Reputation Online

2:00 pm   PMOG: The Web as a Play Field

2:00 pm   Monday Keynote: Frank Warren

3:00 pm   Book Reading: Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide

3:30 pm   10 Tips for Managing a Creative Environment

3:30 pm   Book Reading: Shooting War

3:30 pm   Bootstrapping 101: The Basic Building Blocks

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Community & Loyalty: Gamers to Flamers, Lurkers to Workers

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Creating Passionate Games: A Multidisciplinary Approach

3:30 pm   Design Eye for South By - Paul

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Do Virtual Worlds Need to be 3D?

3:30 pm   Building a Worldwide Climate Movement

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Improbable Pursuits: Why Video Games Fail in Corporate Training

3:30 pm   Online Adulation: Use Don't Abuse Your Fans

3:30 pm   Client-Side Code and Internationalization

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Marketing to Real People in Second Life

3:30 pm   The Future of Volunteers: Adapt or Die

3:30 pm   Transforming Hospital Systems: The Digital Future of Healthcare

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: What Can the Video Games Industry Learn From Alternate Reality Games?

3:30 pm   Sponsored Panel: Taking it to the Desktop

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Virtual Mentoring for Real Life Success in Music

3:30 pm   SXSW Open Format

5:00 pm   Bio-Networks: Using Mobile Technology to Impact Healthstyle

5:00 pm   Bootstrapping through Entrepreneur Collaboration Networks - Paul

5:00 pm   Building Portable Social Networks

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Coworking and the Evolution of the Independent Worker

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Feeding the Creativity Beast

5:00 pm   How Are You? A Global Mood Ring

5:00 pm   Independent Film Distribution: It Takes an Online Community - paul

5:00 pm   Pimp My Non Profit - Real Non-Profits Kicking Ass with Online Technology

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Stories of Failure: Surviving Start-up Mistakes

5:00 pm   Targeting Your Web Site: Accessibility Litigation Update

5:00 pm   Virtual Scandals and Sacrilege: Who's grieFing Now?

5:00 pm   WaSP Annual Meeting: Don't Break the Web

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Your Mom 2.0

5:00 pm   Sponsored Panel: The Web Agency: There Will Be Blood

Tuesday, March 11th

10:00 am   10 Ways to Green-ify Your Digital Life

10:00 am   Book Reading: Blogging for Dummies, 2nd Edition

10:00 am   Content Management System Roundup - Paul

10:00 am   Crunching and Streaming: Online Video Distribution Challenge and Opportunity - Paul

10:00 am   How Many Clicks to the Center of. . .?

10:00 am   Let's Get Serious: Should Video Games Replace College?

10:00 am   Life After the i-Phone

10:00 am   Thick as Thieves: When Your Fans Break the Law

10:00 am   Using Entertainment to Create Effective Mobile Advertising

10:00 am   Future of Corporate Blogs

10:00 am   Sponsored Panel: The Insiders Guide to Angel Investing

10:30 am   Book Reading: WordPress for Dummies

11:00 am   Book Reading: Managing Online Forums

11:30 am   Book Reading: Lead Generation on the Web

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Can .edu Act Like a .com?

11:30 am   Casual Multi-Player Online Games: Serious Revenues

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Examining the Different Ways We Can Work

11:30 am   How to Rawk After SXSW: Staying Inspired

11:30 am   How Widgets Influence Music on the Web

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Some Serious Fun: Interactive Media for Children

11:30 am   Soundtracks Seeking Films, Songs in Search of Directors

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Specialization vs. Doing it All

11:30 am   Visualizing Sustainability - Paul

11:30 am   Peas in a Pod: Advertising, Monetization and Social Media

11:30 am   Core Conversation: Next Generation Education: Bringing the New Web to Campus

11:30 am   Independent Success: Bloggers Who Made It

11:30 am   Sponsored Panel: Monetizing Rich Internet Applications

11:30 am   Following the Lifecycle of an Idea

12:00 pm   Book Reading: Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital

12:30 pm   Book Reading: Pro PayPal E-Commerce (Expert's Voice)

2:00 pm   Ad-Supported Music, A New Hope for the Industry?

2:00 pm   How Piracy Will Save the Music Industry

2:00 pm   Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

2:00 pm   The Mexican Manifesto

2:00 pm   Tuesday Keynote: Jane McGonigal - Paul

3:30 pm   Considerations for Scalabale Web Ventures

3:30 pm   Creative Collaboration: Building Web Apps Together

3:30 pm   Getting There Faster By Using Open Code

3:30 pm   Green Software. Really?

3:30 pm   MASH Notes: A Military Surgeon's Videoblog from Iraq

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Make Your Art Work for You!

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Making the Move to the TV

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Managing Media: Is Your Music Collection About to Become Extinct

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: Record Labels - What Were They?

3:30 pm   Roll Over Gutenberg, Tell McLuhan The News

3:30 pm   Take Municipal WiFi Back

3:30 pm   Core Conversation: The Future of Mobile Video

3:30 pm   The Trials and Tribulations of Using Music Online

3:30 pm   Sponsored Panel: New Media Powering Entertainment

3:30 pm   SXSW Open Format

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Building a Startup You Love is Hard

5:00 pm   Can Enterprise Save the World

5:00 pm   Can Wii Learn? Using Wiimotes in E-Learning

5:00 pm   Communal Narrative: Exquisite Corpse Filmmaking

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Do You Have to Disappear Completely to Get Things Done?

5:00 pm   Futurists' Sandbox: Scenarios for Social Technologies in 2025

5:00 pm   Guerrilla.com

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Online Identity: And I *Do* Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

5:00 pm   Taking Over the World: the Flickr Way

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Working Over the Web: Managing Distributed Staffs

5:00 pm   FM 2.0: The Future of Internet Radio - Paul

5:00 pm   Core Conversation: Rock'n' Rebirth: The Future of the Open Media Web

5:00 pm   Is Your Machinima Ready for Hollywood?