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call 699-4000 or 581-9617

NORTH AUSTIN large bedroom in big house in quiet Cedar Creek neighborhood near 21 and 1209 at 184 Clover Rd. Big backyard, 32' pool & BBQ grill, laundry room, dedicated internet access. $400/mo. + utilities 303-4000 or 699-4000. This place is a great summer place with the pool and barbecue.  It is a large comfortable 50s style house.   Internet everywhere!  Cable modem available with access to computers/printers/fax, etc.  If you have a home office, we have room for it and would encourage it.  Cats ok.  No smoking.  No dogs.  Limited to 1 or 2 persons.



Call 699-4000, 581-9617 

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Also, if you prefer country living . . .

CEDAR CREEK  Room in house, plus rental cottage and efficiency

Big bedroom, w/ panoramic view in large house near Hwy 71 and Hwy 21. walk-in closet, private bath, laundry room, swimming pool, Satellite TV, dedicated internet access. $400/mo. + 25% utils. 303-4000 or 699-4000. FAX 278-8068. Cedar Creek is about 14 miles or 15 minutes east of the new Bergstrom airport It is 7 miles before you get to Bastrop near the intersection of Hwy 21 and 1209 (or Hwy 21 and 71)

The house is a large 3,000 square foot, 3 story, comfortable home which features:
bulletThe ultimate in seclusion and privacy in natural surroundings.
bulletGorgeous wrap around two story deck
bulletSpacious, open kitchen
bulletSwimming pool with spacious decks
bulletExtra large bedrooms, with walk in closets and private baths.
bulletA spacious laundry room with folding table and sliding glass door.
bulletA guest bathroom.
bulletHot tub, spa, recreation center.
bulletSeveral gorgeous acres with pastures, woods, meadows and a live creek.
bulletDual zoned heating and air. “Smarthome” security.
bulletDigital and directv satellite systems (over 1,000 channels w/ movie channels)
bulletTime Warner Cable and RoadRunner
bulletHigh speed internet (via ISDN and Satellite)
bulletFriendly, professional folks welcome 

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