Paul Terry Walhus  
Office: Cambridge Tower, 1801 Lavaca St 10F
Austin, TX 78701
512.699.4000 cell phone or google phone 501.365.1001 (best) 



I am looking for a position in a company with challenging projects.  I have skills in IT, web development, web hosting, social network development, social media production, social bookmarking, site navigation development, system administration,  programming, php, css, web design networking and more. I want to expand on the skills I have developed in the project I just completed, the installation of a server farm and web development complex. I have developed over 250 websites in the past two years including websites in the areas of slideshows, sports, calendaring, ecommerce and podcasting.  Some of these websites, eg. have achieved high page rank and hit rages of 8 million per month plus.

Technical Summary

System Administration -  Linux (RHEL, Fedora Core), AIX, Solaris, FreeBSD, BSDI Unix, Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 2016 Server, other Unix OS. Networking tcp/ip, shell scripting, EMC, Veritas, and clustered servers.
Tech Support - large SAP / research environment using HP, DEC, Sun and SGI.  Manager of Computer Systems Tech Support at Sematech (set up original Sematech computer installation and network)
Website Design - website design and administration, "LAMP", ajax, php, javascript, xhtml, xml. Apache, Netscape and IIS web servers and ecommerce tools (various). 
Sales and Marketing - Internet services and computer hardware/software/services Communications - wireless rf applications, networking tcp/ip, Ethernet, hardware, software and networking sales.
Websites Designed/Hosted - , ,,  and over 250 others 
Video Production, Videography and Editing - Linear and Nonlinear Video Editing using standard equipment and digital video (DV) techniques. Firewire 1394, EditDV, Adobe Premiere, Vegas Video, Avid.  Live satellite uplinking (Bloomberg News). 


University of Illinois, Dept of Computer Science and Urban Design, Bachelor of Urban Planning. Academic scholarship. Graduated with Honors, recipient of Andrew Mellon Award for Academic Excellence. Academic specialization in computer graphics, computer modeling and simulation, systems analysis, flow charting, programming Fortran, SSUPAC and Cobol, statistical analysis, and architectural CAD. Assisted in one of the first GIS (geographic information systems) projects: an animation and simulation of the growth of towns along the Illinois Central Railroad. Department Valedictorian. 66-69.
Professional Experience
BHI - - Special projects consultant. 2008-2009.  Tim Costello, CEO.
San Jose Hotel - IT Project Manager, "one man IT department", maintained Windows 2003 Servers with Exchange, Active Directory and custom software for hotel reservations management.  Wifi, wireless systems design and maintenance for 40 room hotel and the two Jo's Coffee shops.  Maintained networking and communication between hotel corporate offices, and two restaurant/coffee shop locations.  Web site hosting and support.  2006-2007.  Bobby Johns, Hotel Manager. - Senior Web Developer and Designer, Consultant in the areas of social networking, social media, social bookmarking, community design, and open source software.  11/07 - present

Wholetech LLC - Senior Unix Systems Administrator, UNIX, AIX, Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS, Solaris, Verity (search engine and portal) Windows NT.. Video production, uplinking and editing (for Bloomberg News and other clients).  Web authoring and design. Email  11/02  - 11/07.

TASB - Texas Association of School Boards - Senior Unix Systems Administrator, UNIX, Linux, Search Engine technology, (Verity) SunOS, Windows .  . Email 10/00 - 11/02 Koti Nandipati, Unix Systems Admin Lead.

IBM / Tivoli  User Centered Design (UCD) - System Administrator for UNIX, AIX, SunOS, Solaris, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, OS/2, JavaOS, and WorkSpace on Demand (WSOD) Systems. UCD Lab Management and Maintenance. Doug Bloch, Project Manager, UCD. . Feb 1998 - Jan 2000 IBM, 9442 Capital of Texas Hwy N Plaza I Suite 500, Austin, TX 78759. Webmaster and Software Verification Engineer. Output Management software for UNIX and NT based enterprise networks.  Manager, Roger Didio and others  At Tivoli, worked on the "Destiny" project. 3/98 to 10/00.

TradeWave Corporation, Austin, TX - Contract SQA on UNIX (AIX, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX,and other) systems and Windows NT 3.5 and 4.0. Products: TradeVPI, a suite of authentication and client security products for electronic commerce. Carmin McLaughlin, supervisor. 3/97 - 2/98.

Haystack Labs, Austin, TX - System Administration, SQA testing, hardware support on Windows NT, UNIX (AIX, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX and other) systems. Website design and html authoring. . Marta Zaricznyj, Head of Tech Support. Products: Stalker, Netstalker and Webstalker.  7/96 - 3/97

International Computer Systems - Technical support, management, sales in the computer industry. Internet access and service provider. Computer consulting, documentation, and software training services on PC, Unix, and Apple systems. The Spring ( ) is a virtual internet community of 5,175 members which includes an interactive world wide web site and conferencing via telnet. It has been written up in Newsweek, Texas Monthly and the Austin American Statesman. Also, established the Spring interactive website at and Spring Access dial in server. 3/90 - 6/96. 

Sematech - Manager, PC Support. Established major service and support contract employing four full time on site service and support technicians. Sold and installed 50+ station Novell network for finance and purchasing departments. Installed  and maintained over 700 PC software and hardware workstations at Sematech. Implemented CAD and electronic publishing systems. Sun Microsystems consulting. Assisted in integration of local workstations and PCs with the wide area DEC VAX network involving peripheral sharing and electronic mail/ telephone voice mail management. Provided training to users on PC platform (Windows, Excel, Harvard Graphics, etc). References - Vaughan Akins, Quality Assurance and Del Doerr, Purchasing Department. 1988-90. ComputerLand, Entre, MicroAge and other computer dealers, Austin, TX. Sales, Consulting and Service. Sales in 1988 totaling over $1.8 million. Over $4 million in sales for first two years in sales. Specializing in high end document processing systems, CAD/CAM Systems, networks, and office productivity software platforms. Initiated strategy to sell and support Sun Microsystems computers as high end engineering and document processing workstations using Interleaf Publisher, Autocad and other software systems at Entre. 87-90. 

BPI Systems, Austin, TX. Customer Support, Maintenance Programming and Marketing. Responsible for software support and troubleshooting, marketing and supporting products on a wide variety of platforms including Apple, MS DOS, and CP/M. Little known fact: BPI Systems was the first software company to go public, not Microsoft.  See this article for historical view. 10/77- 3/87.

City Planning Depts., Cities of Louisville and Minneapolis, employed as Urban Planner responsible for neighborhood studies and planning/zoning proposals and implementation. 70-79. 

Small Homes Council - Building Research Council, Urbana, Illinois, Summer Job while attending University of Illinois. Responsible for design/production of books on home improvement and design. Writing, publication design and architectural rendering and plan production, and CAD activities. 67-70. 

Summary Experienced with skills in SQA, marketing, webmastering, system administration, technical writing, service and support. Team player.


Roger Didio, IBM, Pervasive Computing, 914-765-3806.

Doug Bloch, IBM, User Centered Design, 512-838-2906

Bob Nagy, Network Internet Administrator, UT Botany Dept, 501/760-3131

Robert Hamlet, BPI Systems and Sematech Tech Support, Programmer, Network Administrator,  512-567-6000

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