New face of Grace Sharington

At we’re gearing up for SXSW 2010 and have a bunch of interviews and video projects planned for the immediate future.  Our anchor woman is the astounding Grace Sharington, who is indefatigueable when it comes to interviews and video gigs.  A lot of Grace, we’re happy to say, is “in the can” in the form of rough cut that our video editors Andre and Michelle Millette are working on.  We can’t wait to release it and I’m sure you can’t wait to see it. is also auditioning for more video editors, camera persons, and web developer and soon we’ll start pushing out some videos showcasing the talents of camera and editing talent.  In fact, the above video will be re-released in a few days in an edited format, what you’re seeing above is “raw and uncut”.  If you’re a talented editor or camera person, contact for an audition.

Alex Jones “404″ panel at Product Potluck

The first ProductPotluck Austin - a series of collaborative “unconference” meetings focused on Marketing, Product Marketing, and Product Management topics was held at the AT&T Conference Center at the University of Texas campus on Weds, Oct 21st. It was put on by Elizabeth Quintanilla and the team responsible for organizing ProductCamp Austin, ProductPotluck is a smaller format series of events that occur between ProductCamps.  ProductPotluck was an evening of teaching, learning, and networking with professionals from the Austin area.

The two topic areas for the October 21st meeting were “Marketing” and “Product Strategy”.  Spring Blog made a video of the “404 session” with Alex @baldman Jones (who starred in our “Tech Guy and the Asshole” video), Amanda @shoogie McGuckin Hager (pictured), Jason @clutchcreative Sugawa, and Jonathan @j_gesinger Gesinger.  The panel talked about creative ways of using normally neglected areas of your website to greater advantage, like captcha pages, “404″ error pages, bio pages, and contact forms.

Over the next few weeks  you will be able to submit presentations or roundtable sessions to Elizabeth and the ProductCamp folks, and vote on the sessions you most want to hear.  “If you have a killer idea or case study you want to share with the group, start getting it ready!  In true ProductCamp spirit, the participants will determine which sessions end up being presented”, according the Product Camp website.

Austin Texas folks SXSW panel proposals

If I missed you, it wasn’t intentional!  Add your panel in the comments if you’re from Austin, Texas

Social Media Breakfast at Statesman video

You can find the full one hour video of the Social Media breakfast at MySpace, and Veoh . . . feel free to use the embed code on these pages if you want to use this on your blog or website, and rate it and review it if you like.  You can see the 6 clips starting here: YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace, Metacafe, DailyMotion, and Veoh

I was in a Monday morning daze when I opened my facebook page ( ) and saw a note that Kim Hollenshead was on her way to the “Social Media breakfast” at the Austin American Snakeskin Statesman, so I hopped in my Hybrid and cruised on down the Drag and grabbed a table with Alex Jones (see my video here called “The Tech Guy and the Asshole”) and the fab ekaterina (you have to see her describing football to Alex Jones on the video, it’s priceless), and a lot of other hot social network rockstars.

Social Media Breakfast Austin logo


  • John Bridges, former sports editor and current senior editor for metro and state news at the Statesman. Twitter handle: @JohnBridges
  • Elise Hu, former KVUE-TV (ABC) political reporter and now a reporter for the Texas Tribune, a new Austin Ventures startup nonprofit news site. Twitter handle: @EliseWho
  • Chelsea Stark, web producer for KEYE-TV (CBS) who has spearheaded her station’s social media efforts. Twitter handle: @ChelseaBot

It was a great mixer and I got to catch up with a lot of folks I’ve been wondering about, including Wesley who’s putting on this years twestival, ytrepeneur eKaterina, Statesmen John Bridges and Rob Quigley who are bringing back from the Minor Leagues. – Social Media Breakfast -1

Conjunctured Coworking – first anniversary party

Conjunctured has risen to become the “salon” for Austin, it’s where a liberal share of meetups take place for WordPress, Bootstrap and other organizations. And they have a strong core of members that participate as coworkers. It’s a comfortable place to engage in high powered discussions and projects with some of Austin’s great minds on the net and digital media scenes. I talked to Sarah @orchid8 Vela who has been a member for a while and she said it’s been great for her to work there and be a part of that group.

Can I fist pump you my social networks?

Update: The subject of this blog post, expanded to include other real world social network devices like poken and mingll360, has now become a panel idea for SXSW 2010.  But you will never see this panel unless you give it a thumbs up here:

I would truly appreciate you voting “yes” for this at the above url.

During the week of May 24 through May 31st, The Spring, BHI, and RegistrationAssistant are hosting a visitor from the Netherlands, Paul Geurts of He is bringing the first prototypes of a social networking and business card connector to Austin, Texas.  If you’re around Austin next week and want a demo, call Paul at 512–699–4000 or email terry at spring dot net.


My Name is E

The E device can be used at conventions, trade shows, and meetings, in metropolitian areas like Austin and on college campuses like the University of Texas.  There are over 1.2 million conventions, trade shows and events in the US every year.

What is the E device? In its current incarnation, E is small white, sleek looking device much like an ipod nano or USB storage device. With E, you can share your contact information and social networks in one simple gesture.

Connector allows you to safely transfer an online business card and your set of social networks in a simple gesture like a fist pump or a high five. Tap two Connectors together and you’re connected. Synchonize Connector by using the built-in USB plug with your PC or Mac. It is ideal for networking at large events and conferences.

During the week that Paul Geurts is visiting Austin, we will be meeting with venture investors, potential partners, customers and forming a team to distribute and promote E throught the US and North America.

There is no setup with connector, it can be used immediately out of the box. It’s equipped with a lithium polymer battery which allows you to use it for 72 hours on a 2 hour charge. It holds two of your E Business Cards (one for personal and one for professional) and connects to RFID tags as well as other Connectors and iphones. It gives you intuitive feedback through LED lighting.  The RFID tag feature opens it up the world of “choice based advertising” and integrates these connections in to your social network activity stream.  It connects you to objects and to the environment as well as to people.

Tweetup at the Iron Cactus

Lani @laniar and Benn Rosales have donned their hats at realtors and become full time social networkers! That was the big news at the Iron Cactus Tweetup on the night of Thursday, August 13th. Full time social media people, amazing. They work hard at it and one of the fruits of their labor is a great event like this. I got to talk to quite a few folks that I’ve followed on twitter, and found a few new ones to follow.

Texas pass defense steps up in full pad practice

If last nights Longhorns practice was about the excellence of Colt McCoy’s passing, tonights was about the greatness of the Texas defensive pass secondary, at least for the few plays shown in this youtube video. There are some great plays by the secondary! The team played with full pads, full uniform for the first time this practice season.

Longhorns football open practice (Weds)

It looked like it was going to be a rainy night, but the skies cleared for Colt McCoy and the Longhorns at their first open practice of the year. It was a sea of burnt orange. I had my little MinoHD with me and lots of fans were taking pictures and so Icaught some of the highlight plays in the above youtube video and offered the full HD video to the BurntOrangeNation which has excellent coverage of the practice from a fan’s perspective.  BurntOrangeNation in fact  featured this video today.

This may be the best team since last years and the 2005 teams.  DJ Grant was the only casualty of the practice, taking a hit from Earl Thomas, which is shown in the video.  Some standouts in the video, James Kirkendoll (11, WR), Sherrod Harris (17, backup QB), Garrett Gilbert (3, backup QB), Vondrell McGee (2, RB) and of course number 12 Colt McCoy (starting QB).

In the final 20 seconds or so of the video, there’s Colt McCoy at the front of the bus as it departs Denius Fields with the whole Texas team.  Like a bunch of schoolkids, I guess the bus will run them home.  Texas looked sharp, Mack Brown seemed relaxed and analytical, and Colt McCoy was the cool, accurate passer with the potential to take the #2 ranked team to a showdown with Florida later this year.

friendfeed? Don’t worry we still have Plurk

Let’s hope that facebook has a better track record with friendfeed than yahoo did with delicious, which has stagnated since the yahoo acquisition. I still have and use my springnet delicious account and I’m not bailing out of my springnet account on friendfeed just yet.

The best take on this whole facebook/friendfeed facefeed/friendbook dialog comes from Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins who postulates that wordpress could be the natural successor to friendfeed, twitter, and facebook. Mark says “we’re headed towards a Federated real-time web, and WordPress looks like it could be best positioned to take the helm of that ship.” Personally, I like my wordpress blog being the center of my solar system and having twitter, facebook, and friendfeed in orbit around it.

Rizzn goes on to say “I’m tired of constantly re-entering all of my information and accounts into services I start to care about, evangelize for, and enjoy only to have them radically changed either by cultural shifts, sales, closures or policy changes. I’ve gone from network to network over the last half a decade or so, and with increasing frequency, I’ve left not because I’ve outgrown a service, but because it’s left me in the dust.”

Rizzn thinks federation is inevitable, and he sees two paths to getting there: third party clients or wordpress. Here’s the case he makes for WordPress MU (multi-user) becoming (notice, I didn’t say “being”) the solution to the federation issue:

” * Federated activity streams are on the product roadmap for Buddypress. This is huge, because BP allows all WPMU users (and soon to be all WP users) to set up their own niche social network around their blogging community.
* WordPress has a number of great themes built for real time interaction. We use one of them here at SiliconANGLE for our editorial backchannel (/sabackchan).
* Data can already be easily imported and exported a number of ways with WordPress.

These paths may converge as soon as six months down the road, or perhaps as much as a couple of years.

WordPress, though, has been around and proven stable as a platform through it’s widespread and decentralized support. It could be those very same attributes that have given it success as a CMS that end up winning it the keys to the real-time kingdom.”

I’m somewhat heartened by all of this because I began going down the wordpress mu / buddypress and the P2 theme path six months ago on and several other sites. I’m going to spend some time today seeing if their are updates for buddypress / wordpress mu and begin the migration of the 50 or so wordpress blogs I run to this platform. I hope Rizzn is right because I’m placing a heavy bet on this platform.

In the meantime, leave it to Hitler to sum it up in this youtube video:

Last panel in at SXSW – refreshaustin proposal

Mark Phillip has entered a SXSW panel idea for this year called “The Last Panel In”. Being such a sports scion (he makes a living alerting people to sports events on tv), he got the concept from the “Last Man In” vote for the MLB All-Star game, Refresh, the web designers meetup, would be assigned an open slot and the topic would be decided on a month before SXSW. A few months before SXSW we’d have Refreshes around the country suggest one topic each, and have a poll with ten or so options on the site, completely open to the public.

So that led to Refresh’s own version of the Obama beer summit, at the Gingerman. Here’s a clip (in high definition, Alex fire up the plasma) affectionately titled “Tech Guy and the Asshole” which is a irrelevant and irreverent glimpse in to the minds of Austin’s leading refreshers.

Participants were Alex @baldman Jones, Mark @markphillip Phillip, Paul Terry @springnet Walhus (me, not shown), Pat @pat_ramsey Ramsey, Billy Laforce, and Frank @durandigitalmedia Duran

If you want to follow all the action, Pat Ramsey set up some google alerts that you can emulate and has them pointing to RSS feeds.

“last panel” or “last panel in” sxsw

“refreshing cities”

“sxsw interactive panel” or “sxsw interactive panels”

My take? I’d like to see an elimination style competition for the last panel in at SXSW, where in the last 10 weeks a panel a week gets eliminated until two panels are left standing or some variation of this a la “Survivor”, “American Idol”, or “So you think you can Dance”. In the final week, I’d like to see videos of all the participants (we could skype them) so people could have a better feel for it. In fact, it would be cool to have a video accompany the panel suggestions.

SXSW 2009 video interview with Felicia Day

We had a wonderful time interviewing star of the Guild and of mainstream tv shows like “Dollhouse” Felicia Day. We can understand why Felicia is so popular on twitter and has so many youtube views for her “Guild” web show.

The Dollhouse episode, “Epitaph”, only appeared on dvd, never on the actual tv series which is the subject of much buzz.

SXSW 2009 Interview – Aaron Post

Aaron Post
HyLo – Hyper Local Mobile Marketing

Aaron helps businesses move inventory and get traffic through their door. You have customers walking, driving, riding, surfing, skating, etc. by your business everyday, he (HyLo) can help you get those people into your business.


Phoenix, Arizona


Skype: talkwithaaron

You can see this video on YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace, Metacafe, DailyMotion,, Veoh, StupidVideos, Sclipo, Viddler and Graspr

product camp Austin Aug 15

ProductCamp is Austin’s premiere event for Marketing, Product Marketing, and Product Management professionals to teach to, learn from, and network with each other.  PCA Summer 2009 is Austin’s 3rd ProductCamp.  Past ProductCamps have attracted hundreds of professionals from all over Texas and the U.S.  Due to high demand, the PCA planning team has joined forces with the McCombs School of Business and MootCorp to bring ProductCamp to the University of Texas!

Join a few hundred of your peers on Saturday, August 15 from 9 AM – 3:30 PM to experience why ProductCampers just can’t get enough.  ProductCamp is an un-conference, meaning that it is FREE to you!  Your only cost for ProductCamp is your participation, such as leading a session about your area of expertise (e.g. Agile, pricing methodologies, social media tactics), facilitating a roundtable discussion, volunteering on the planning team, or in many other ways.

In this economic climate, networking is critical.  ProductCamp brings out the best and the brightest technology professionals in the Austin area in a collaberative environment.  Plan on bringing a stack of business cards, and making connections into companies you’re interested in.

We look forward to meeting you – sign up now, and reserve your spot at ProductCamp!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the regulations at the University of Texas regarding usage of their wireless network, we must collect your name, email, address, and phone in order to issue you a wifi login.  By registering for ProductCamp, you agree to allow ProductCamp to share this information with UT for the purpose of issuing you wifi credentials.  Thank you for understanding.

Texas Social Media Awards top 25 videos coming soon

We have video interviews with 20 of the top 25 finalists in the Texas Social Media Awards coming to this blog in the next week, it’s been a big job editing the 200 or so videos from SXSW 2009 and Luke Mullen has been doing a great job at this. sponsored this project and we just pushed the first set of videos to youtube to the AustinLifestyles account at YouTube.  This first set is from Silona’s open government presentation at SXSW.

How in the world did I get on the same list as Cali Lewis? I don’t know but it’s amazing to be on a list of the “top 25 Texas Social Networkers” with her and 23 other amazing people. To whoever nominated me, thank you! It’s an honor to be on the same list as all these incredible social networkers.

The list was pared down from 125 nominees. Michelle Greer was the overall winner, congratulations Michelle.

These are the Texas Social Media Award Winners.

They winners are:


























It’s a great list and I’m honored to be listed on it.  Michelle Greer has been really helpful to me and I hope I’ve been helpful to her.  She recently had the major role in pulling off the “Twestival” that raised 10 grand for world water causes.    I had the privilege of interviewing Cali Lewis as she breezed in and out of last year’s SXSW.  Below is that interview with Cali.

Michael Cote made the list, he really was the person that got me going on twitter and his “DrunkandRetired” podcast rocks, it’s the best podcast coming out of Austin, Texas.  Erica O’Grady is super, she really did an awesome job at the recent Mashable event in Austin and the Camp connected with it.  Last summer I got to co-moderate a session with Connie Reece at the SEMforSMB conference and did an hour long video with her on Youtube and all over with her on social networking.   Lani Rosales has given me a lot of great advice and she’s a riot.  I hope to get to know all the other award winners better, they’re an awesome group of people.

OrgSync social media campaign works!

AUSTIN, Texas (Feb 11, 2009) — OrgSync, Inc ( is excited to announce its successful campaign to raise $1500 for Charity: Water using social media. On Tuesday, February 3, 2009, OrgSync’s team launched a social media campaign to raise awareness for the importance of clean, safe drinking water around the world. The team of 25 employees used Twitter, Facebook Newsfeeds and their company blog to rally the public behind the cause. OrgSync’s goal was to raise $1500 to donate to Charity: Water during the Austin Twestival event on February 12. Michelle Greer, well known Austin media figure and coordinator for Austin Twestival, says “Big problems like the lack of clean drinking water won’t get solved over night by the few. They will get solved by the many donating in bits and pieces towards a common goal. OrgSync pooled their resources and ended up being one of our top sponsors and I hope more companies follow this approach towards charitable giving.”

Over 175 cities around the world will be uniting on Thursday, February 12, 2009 to increase awareness and raise money for those in need of clean, safe drinking water. “This is a great cause and an opportunity to unite our Austin community with cities across the world to create social good. As a leader I am passionate about leveraging my understanding of social media to help create awareness and provide people the opportunity to give back,” said Fortenberry.

The OrgSync team was successful at meeting its goal of raising $1566 in 24 hours and is excited to contribute 100% of it to Charity: Water. Andrew Katz, Director of Community Relations feels, “It’s very important for our team to give back and get involved in the Austin Community. We feel that by being visibly active in the community, we can be positive role models for our students and clients to do the same!” OrgSync’s successful campaign proves how important online communication and networking is for increasing awareness and uniting individuals for a greater good.

About OrgSync
OrgSync is a co-curricular management tool that helps colleges and universities communicate more effectively across their entire campus. OrgSync offers a hosted service that provides the tools needed by campuses to easily organize, assess, track, and manage students and student organizations. OrgSync is currently helping over 100 campuses manage their student co-curricular management, leadership development and communication needs. OrgSync is headquartered in Austin, TX with satellite offices in Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, and Tucson, AZ. For more information about OrgSync, visit To schedule an interview with CEO Eric Fortenberry, contact Nicole Andreas at (512) 238-8534 or

OrgSync, Inc
Charity: Water
Austin Twestival
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online communication
co-curricular management

Austin and the world hold “twestival”

More discussion with Dr DD Faye about the on Feb 12 in Austin and around the world. One in six people worldwide lack adequate drinking water – 1.1 billion people – and and Dr Faye are both part of the solution to providing clean drinking water to the world’s population.

Water Shortage Worldwide – and Dr Faye from Paul Walhus on Vimeo.

The big @twestival retweet

  1. Incredible! Canadian music legend @DavidUsher donated the song ‘And So We Run’ to Please donate and download.

  2. We want you to be the judge of the pre roll competition. Tweet your favourite clip to @peterlamotte. Ends in 24hrs

  3. @TwestivalSEA Nice work on the video!

  4. Twitter Groups adding pages for all Twestival cities! Plz tell @1datarecovery what #tag u r using in addition to #twestival

  5. RT @jangles: FIR 420 published. This episode includes a great interview with @amanda about @twestival. [12:00]

  6. You *must* watch this. It is beyond awesome. Great work team @amstwestival

  7. In exactly one week from this moment, the doors of the London Twestival will open. Happy to be announcing a second venue tomorrow.

  8. Cities… do you have a tweet that shows when you first decided to organise a Twestival? We want to include for Live Earth. Thanks!

  9. Amazing presentation put together to explain Twestival : Nice work @sandeepvizedu

  10. Tokyo has one of the largest Twitter communities in the world! Now they have a Twestival. Spread the word :

  11. is on [thanks @DavidMoynihan!] Accepting tracks by artists now.

  12. Twestival tickets now available for Vienna, Reading, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Barcelona, Copenhagen and more…

  13. Very cool @PKGulati is donating $1 for every new Twitter follower he gets over the next week (up to 300) to charity: water.

  14. Dear Twestival organizers, you are amazing. Thinking of starting a Craigslist or something so you can post what you still need contributed.

  15. RT @kanter: Case Foundation blog writes about Twestival

  16. RT: @WarrenAndrew will donate .25¢ for every NEW follower I get on twitter till the end of February to

  17. RT @Pistachio: To the MANY kind souls offering donated items for Twestival. Contact your nearest city organizer

  18. RT @davemorin Bill Gates: “If we improve health, peak population growth will stabilize 1 billion people below current projections.” #TED

  19. @billlublin if you are looking to sponsor, you should get in touch with @melitami who would love to hear from you – thanks!

  20. Whoa, global ticket sales are going nuts right now. Organizers, if you don’t have your Amiando account set up – please email @amanda asap.

Live Earth and Twestival

By rallying together globally, under short timescales, for a single aim on the same day, the Twestival hopes to bring awareness to the global water crisis. Live Earth is the global video partner for Twestival events occuring next Thursday, February 12 in more than 185 cities worldwide to benefit charity: water. Scott Harrison of charity: water discusses Twestival below:

Click here for more on charity: water. For an entertaining, in-depth explanation of Twestival, watch the slideshow below:

View Twestival videos and submit your own at Find a Twestival near you at Follow Live Earth on Twitter.

Twestival Schedule – Ace’s, Austin, Feb 12

Here’s the schedule of events for Twestival 2009 at Ace’s in Austin, TX on Feb 12
8:00 Meet and mingle
8:50 A word from sponsors
9:00 Twestival Sumo Smackdown (see video below)
10:00 Presentation by Glimmer of Hope, a non-profit that drills wells in Africa
10:45 Performance by T-Bird and the Breaks, one of Austin’s most highly regarded up-and-coming bands. This 11 piece band won accolades from both ACL’s “Sound and the Jury” Awards as well as the Austin Music Awards. They’ve sold out their past two shows and just released a new album. See video below.

A donation of just $10 can provide someone in Africa clean drinking water for 12 years. Collectively, we can initiate substantial change for developing nations. Here are are a variety of ways you can make this happen:

- Get Tickets:
- Donate: (Select Austin)
- Update your Facebook and Twitter statuses: Include a link to
- Sponsor the event: Companies can learn about opportunities here –
- Donate an item for the silent auction: Email

Join over 100 cities across the globe and take part in this unprecedented event.

Twestival set for Feb 12

Twestival is going to be held around the world on Thursday, March 12.  It is the biggest twitter festival ever and has been set up to support the billion plus people in the world without clean drinking water.  It’s a fundamental cause that needs your support.  The Austin event will be at Ace’s on 6th Street at 8 pm on March 12.

Twestival resources are downloadable below, for the media and websites to spread the word about the event and charity: water, where all proceeds are being donated.

Please use the tag #twestival in blogs and other social media, so we can find your posts more easily, which will be tracked on Delicious – head here to see the latest coverage and what global sources are saying

Contact or @jazcummins for interviews, further quotes, etc.

Twestival is 100% volunteer organised, but we will try and get back to you as soon as we can.



free day of ballroom dance in Austin

Announcing a new Meetup for Dance With Me Austin!

What: Free Day of Dance

When: January 31, 2009 10:00 AM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Meetup Description: Come out any time during the day to take a lesson (or many lessons) and check out their fabulous floor! I’ll be posting this on the Peter Paul and Mary site as well.

From Austin Uptown Dance’s site:

Dance all day, and no pay!

Bring your friends and tell everyone to join us for a Free Day of Dance! 9 hours and 20 classes of dancing from beginner to advanced. Shout it out in the streets!
10:00am Two Step 1, Two Step 2
11:00am Jitterbug Swing 1, Two Step 3
12:00pm Cha Cha 1, Cha Cha 2
1:00pm Jitterbug Swing 2, Salsa 2
2:00pm Salsa 1, Salsa 3
3:00pm West Coast Swing 1, West Coast Swing 3
4:00pm Night Club 1, West Coast Swing 2
5:00pm Tango 1, Tango 2
6:00pm Waltz 1, Quickstep 1

Learn more here:

channeldvorak – not pretty but it’s got all the good stuff

I’ve been twittering for a bit.  I tweeted @dvorak about his great podcasts and columns.  Have you seen  If John get his son Arick to open source this, I’ll use it.  I’m already rocking and rolling with Arick’s other open source project which has something to do with Craigslist.  Sssshhh!

Lyn Bender just sent me a cryptic email about some kind of cryptic event Saturday morning.  If I can talk Dot in to going to Nia Saturday morning and do the ride share thing we might have a go.  It would be nice, Lynn, to have a localtion and maybe a couple of details.

Just got off the skype with rjnagy and he’s still resistant to twitter.  Doesn’t he know this is futile?

We had a great wordpress meetup recently at with Any Skelton or skeltoac everywhere.

While I am typing this I am talking to a delightful Spring rep, Josey, from the Phillipines who just set up my pda phone which I’m going to use for a backup for my iphone.  She was really, really nice.  I wish all support calls were like this!

I’m building a “social network” for Austin, Texas and also working on a green home site.  If you want to beta test or have input on the Austin Social Network, go to and sign up for the beta.  If you’re actually in Austin, Texas we’re going to have some cool events coming up for our beta testers like pizza parties, basketball games, guest speakers, presentations, etc. It’s going to be a hoot!

ptw out






scoutle – a blog community

Scoutlelogo You’ll notice another widget in the lower right column of this blog, it’s scoutle and I recommend you check it out and add me as your friend so we can compare notes.  I found this in Louisvillian Tom Osborne’s profilactic mashup this morning.   As far as I can tell, this came out of the Netherlands and it’s designed to be a blog community.

This is where you can find me on Scoutle

I started a blog network for Austin, Texas also.  One member so far, me.

To quote Wicked Pretty, who has quite a following on Scoutle, “I particularly like the animated one, Scoutle. You have a little Scout (who you get to name and give a catchphrase) and he “wanders the internet” looking for people to match to your blog…I don’t really understand how it all works, so if you’re the kind . . . “

Is this the next big thing?  It could get pretty big from what I’ve seen.  If these guys hit it hard and listen to their community they’ve got a great start.

Here’s the description of Scoutle by the creators:

Scoutle is an automated social network for bloggers and functions as an ideal Guide for internet users to find a valuable blog, no matter the language, subject or location.

Scoutle helps you find, promote and connect blogs using an automated rating and matching system. Not only find a blog easily, but also know what a blog is worth and discover similar blogs.
Scoutle searches, matches, validates and values… You only need to find a blog or as a user, make sure your blog is and keeps interesting.

Austin Aaron interviews Robert Scoble at the twitbq

Austin Aaron @austinaaron interviews Robert Scoble @scobleizer at the impromptu twitbq at Artz Rib House in Austin, Texas. Austin Aaron throws some curve balls and Scoble lines them in to center field, like what he would be doing if there were no internet. Scoble was in town for a Rackspace Cloud Computing rollout earlier in the day at the Austin City Limits Studios at the University of Texas.

Robert Scoble @scobleizer rolls in to Austin & the twitbq

What is it about Robert Scoble that gets Austin, Texans more excited about barbecue than usual. It started this afternoon with a Rackspace cloud computing rollout at the Austin City Limits Studios where guests were treated to unlimited portions of Salt Lick BBQ and culminated in the evening at a “twitbq” partly pulled toether by @springnet and @austinaaron.

This is part 1 of a 4 part video series and features Kelly Cree @kellycree and Jessica Mullen @jessicamullen who are creative, upcoming designers and videographers. They just breezed in to Austin from the cornfields of Illinois where they studied design at the University of Illinois, home of the “fighting Illini”. Part 2 will be an interview with 3 of the guests, part 3 of the series will be an interview with Scoble himself by Austin Austin @austinaaron and part 4 will be quick sound byte introductions of all the 20 or so guests that came to the twitbq on Wednesday, Oct 22 at Artz Rib House on S Lamar in Austin, Texas.

springnet – 5 seconds of fame on CNN

I must have timed my tweet perfectly because there it was on CNN.  So I grabbed my video cam and made this one minute video of my comment about the mortgage crisis and basically they said they would get back to me on Monday.  I asked if there would be any relief for folks with high interest mortgages, a pretty fundamental question.

celebrate OneWebDay – “Earth Day for the Internet”

Activities all day long! Uber-Jelly Jam Barcampian Melange,+Sept+22nd

The idea behind OneWebDay is to encourage people to think of themselves as responsible for the internet, and to take good and visible actions on Sept. 22 that (1) celebrate the positive impact of the internet on the world and (2) shed light on the problems of access and information flow.
OneWebDay is a global, decentralized event. We’re encouraging people around the world to meet up on Sept. 22 to talk about the threats to the net and how the web could change lives around the world in the future.
Our Austin event features a day-long extended uber-Jelly, featured speakers and interviews about how the Web has changed lives.  In addition to our speakers (list developing) we’ll be asking attendees:
how the web has changed your life
how you’d like the web to change the world in the future
your favorite online event ever
something you’ve done online with other people in other countries
and posting our clips on YouTube, and as part of a global video mashup.

- by way of Jon Lebkowsky and refresh-austin

Giovanni Gallucci – 11 part series on social media and big media

Giovanni Gallucci talked at the SEO / SEM / PPC meetup event in Austin, TX on Sept. 3, 2008. Laura Alter was the organizer. Giovanni’s talk was about how to turn social media in to big media and he rolls out an interesting case study involving Austinite Will Hurley or “whurley”. This is an eleven part series on the following video sharing sites:

Video 11 part series on YouTube, MySpace, Google, Revver, AOL Video, DailyMotion,, Veoh, Stupid Videos, Sclipo and Howcast

Giovanni Gallucci and Social Media in Austin, TX

The following video was produced by of Giovanni Gallucci’s talk on “Getting Big Media via Social Media” at the Austin, Texas SEO / SMB / SMO / PPC meetup group on the night of Sept 3, 2008. Paul Terry Walhus interviews people attending the video like meetup organizeer Laura Alter. This is part 1 of an 8 part series of 10 minute clips on the event. The rest of the clips will be posted here soon and on the austincast itunes account (go to itunes and subscribe to austincast).

nice day at Central Market^I’m at Central Market one of Austin’s more comforting destinations waiting for a meeting about a website design. Nice crowd, nice ambience. Reminds me of the event we had here every time I visit. The wifi is a nice new feature, I know they waffled on getting wifi for a long time because they thought customers would waste time on their computers. They’re still low on wall outlets.

AustinCast named “one of 13 Important Austin Technology blogs” by Mashable

“Laid back”. That’s how Mashable top dog Pete Cashmore described Austin, Texas in an interview with AustinLifestyles at the Summermash party at Buffalo Billiards in the heart of Austin’s 6th Street live music district.  Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins of Mashable described Austin as “comfortable and intimate, you had no problems striking up a conversation.”

Mashable put together a list of Austin’s most important technology blogs and – sister site of – wound up on that list in some pretty great company.

Here’s the list with a few excerpts from the blog entry at Mashable:

  1. Austin 3.0 – A website designed to give the “younger Austin Geek a place to see what is going on in Austin.”
  2. Austin Startup – Austin Startup is simply a news site that chronicles the goings ons and creation of new tech sector business in the Austin area.
  3. AustinCast – This site is a frequently updated hub for video and audio interviews of local area movers and shakers in the technology scene. He’s published over 100 video interviews with the likes of Veronica Belmont, Pete Cashmore, Zadi Diaz, Cali Lewis, Lindsay Campbell, and Leah Culver as well as a number of local heroes to the Austin scene.
  4. Austin360 – This is the official New Media offering from Austin’s reigning Old Media institution, the Austin-American Statesman.
  5. GeekAustin – Probably one of Austin’s oldest tech blogs, LinearB’ and Orion have been chronicling the gaming, business and tech communities of Austin since 2000.
  6. Michelle’s Blog - . . . she’s a very active leader and figurehead to the new, young Austin Tech community, and has her hands in just about everything.  Her personal blog reflects all the myriad of ventures she’s involved in there.
  7. Josh Dilworth – Josh is over at PR group Porter Novelli, based in their Austin office. Amongst all his many work related projects like SXSW, he has quite visible presence amongst those in the online Semantic and AI community as well as an avid participant in a number of widely used social media tools. I was recently a guest on a podcast of his, Falken’s Maze.
  8. John Erik Metcalf - John Erik Metcalf is a major figure in the Austin scene as well, as he’s a co-founder in one of the town’s two co-working spaces: Conjunctured
  9. Social Media Club Austin – The site describes itself as “part think tank, part curiosity, all new media” and is a repository for all that is going on in the “business networking event” scene for the Austin area.
  10. Some Assembly Required – a self-described “business development and networking blog” authored by Thom Singer.
  11. The Jeff Beckham Weblog – Jeff is an Austin area blogger who focuses his posts on the evolution of media, specifically in relationship to how the Internet is forcing transformation on not just media industries but “the word itself.”
  12. Door64 Blog – The blog for Door64, the forum and community portal for the Austin-area tech community.

If you an Austin area blogger and want to be added to the OPML file email Mark at Mashable to be included in the next version of the list.

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