The Motorcycle Conference at The Spring is a group of people from around the globe, all sharing a common interest in motorcycles. There are discussion areas on every topic from the cruiser to the sport bike, American, British, Italian, Japanese--if it exists in the world of motorcycling you'll find it here.

 The Spring is an interactive, online discussion group. It allows users to discuss motorcycling on the web. Users may create new topics, post new messages, reply to others' messages and generally carry on friendly conversations on all topics relating to motorcycling.

It's easy and it's free! If you're new here, quickly Register and you'll be taken to a list of conferences--simply select "Motorcycle" from the list and you're up and running. There are alot of messages, but don't worry--take your time and browse the conference until you find something that interests you. Then jump in on the conversation whenever you feel that you are ready.