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The Role of the Conference Host

Each conference has at least one host. The duties of the host vary from maintenance-only hosting which might involved clearing out old and unused topics to high-involvement hosting where the host takes an active role in encouraging and participating in the discussions.

Hosts can help topics stay on the subject, answer questions, and bring up new subjects. They help new users and lost users. They generally keep things rolling along in the conference.

Hostly Powers

  Hosts can perform the following acts that regular users cannot.

  Open the first topic in the conference.
  Retire any topic in the conference.
  Kill any topic in the conference.
  Change the conference header.
  Change the bulletin which is a message displayed (if new) once for everyone.
  Change the welcome message which is displayed when someone joins for the first time.
  Change the conference configuration commands.
  Change the ulist which is the list of participants' logins.
  Change the login message which is displayed when entering the conference.
  Change the Logout message displayed when leaving conference.
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