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Posted on August 26th, 2011 by Paul Terry Walhus

Elizabeth Quintanilla previews her Lady Gaga & marketing SXSW panel

This is our first full dress rehearsal for our sxPanel project. We’re doing previews in Google+ hangouts of SXSW panels. The panels come from SXSW’s “PanelPicker” website. There are about 3,000 panel organizers vying for a spot with a panel at SXSW. Only a few will be chosen, but we will be giving both the winners and losers a chance to webcast their panel proposals to a large audience on youtube,, iTunes, Boxee,, and more.

The panel features Elizabeth Quintanilla’s panel proposal called “Marketers can learn from Jimmy Buffet & Lady GaGa”. EQ asks “Have you ever wondered why both Jimmy Buffet is so successful and not a “one hit” wonder? Why are millions of people flocking to be a “little monster” and how can one singer be so wildly successful? Two different niches .. similar lessons to be learned and applied in your marketing or would you prefer to … #fail in your marketing execution.” Elizabeths copanelist is famed Philly social media marketer Seth Goldstein.

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