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Posted on June 8th, 2011 by Paul Terry Walhus

elect Kathie Tovo for Austin City Council

Full Screen High Definition version of the above video here.

Ken Koym received and forwards the following notice reminding you how critical this issue is as $14 million dollars of public taxpayer funds have been pledged to make it possible for Formula One a large international corporation to ride the backs of citizen taxpayers from Austin. It seems wrong to Ken that taxpayer funds should have been declared for a business lying outside the city limits of Austin or for a large corporation to be given a free ride, particularly one that promotes car racing based on combustible energy a sciene of the past rather than concentrating on advocating methodologies, which will help all generations have better futures.

Help us Pull the Shade, elect Kathie Tovo, and defeat yet another shameful tax dollar giveaway, this time to the billionaires at Formula 1.

There’s a BIG uptick in early voting in this runoff!  It IS a meaningful race with clear differences.  Here’s our take:

We’re getting into the race to Stop F1 Subsidies, Elect Kathie Tovo for Austin City Council & Help Pull the Shade! proudly endorses Kathie Tovo against current Austin City Council incumbent Randi Shade in the runoff election for City Council, Place 3. Our endorsement is based on Shade’s refusal to oppose a taxpayer subsidy to Formula 1 racing and her opposition to fair geographic representation for Austin voters. Read more here.

Wanna help us pull the Shade, tell F1 to pay its own way and to elect Tovo?

1.  Click here, print out the flier and take it to your neighbors.

2.  We’ve got tons of phone calls you can do from home — call us to help!

(Need to make some extra money — call us!)

3. Early voting locations — pass to all your friends.

Or just forward this message to help rattle the bones of Austin voters who haven’t been voting, who were looking for a reason to!

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