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Posted on June 24th, 2011 by Paul Terry Walhus

Austins Fittest Entrepreneur

Who is Austins fittest entrepreneur? Watch this 4 episode video on itunes, youtube,, etc. and please add your comments and ratings!

EvoTrain partnered with the Texas Entrepreneurs Network to host a competition at the awesome GoodLife Team HQ to find Austin’s Fittest Entrepreneurs. The mission of the competition was to “identify, reward, and promote those entrepreneurs that prioritize health and fitness in their lives and at their organizations” and workplaces.

The finalists included AJ Joe of KPI Analytics, Denver Fredenburg of HyperWear, Robyn Pettinger of BootCamp U, Krisstina Wise of the GoodLife Team, and Alex Charfen of CDPE, the winner.

This is the full video showing the tasty Irony “sports mixer” drink sampling and an interview with Robyn Pettinger of Bootcamp U. or BCU, an interview with Matt Barker of Evotrain, door prize winners, and the announcement of the runner up and winner of the competition and interview with Austins Fittest Entrepreneur.


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