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Posted on June 10th, 2010 by Paul Terry Walhus

Examiner Social Media Lunch

John Egan told me the Examiner would be happy to feed me lunch if I’d do a video of the “Social Media Lunch” Hmm, it’s a Chez Zee. What a no brainer.

What’s the current state of sites like Facebook and Twitter, and what does the future hold for social media? Four Austin experts gathered for a luncheon panel at Chez Zee called “Looking into the Crystal Ball of Social Media” to opine on these questions. Emmcee is John Egan, Austin Market Director of

The speakers in this video are:

Lani Rosales, president of New Media Lab and new media director at, both of which are based in Austin. Lani (@laniar) is an avid user of Twitter. Lani is currently specing out a major social media project in the new home and real estate space along with web developer ; Lani’s BATHH (“big ass twitter happy hour) events in Austin are off the charts, the hottest ticket in town!

Benn Rosales, CEO of New Media Lab and founder of, both of which are based in Austin. Benn’s Twitter handle is @bennrosales.

Simon Salt the IncSlinger and Tom Myerson were the other two speakers. John Egan, Examiner Market Director as the Master of Ceremonies.

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