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Posted on April 17th, 2010 by Paul Terry Walhus video controversy on Austin

How is it that an impromptu video I shot on a chance encounter at the Austin Social Media Lunch rockets to number one in popularity for over a day now on

Answer: Probably because it’s with Jacqueline Hughes who is @jacquelineslife on twitter who is on a mission to highlight the plight of intelligent job seekers in Austin, Texas.  She’s getting a lot of attention! And she made some great points in the interview and the video that are stirring a brouhaha about the Austin job scene. And she has a few detractors to boot as you can see on the comments section of the Examiner article called “How hard is it for an intelligent person to get a job in Austin, Texas?”

The interview was so popular and stirring up so many folks that I’m talking to Jacqueline about a followup interview and also about documenting her public event (which is evolving) and this will give her a chance to elaborate on her thoughts and address her detractors (which are few but highly vocal).

Quoting myself quoting Jacqueline:

“I am going to start blogging about society in general and this is going to kind of be an introduction into my life. It’s not that we cannot find jobs but that we are working in the service industry to survive. My friends are not jobless but instead are working 3-4 jobs. This is not what they pictured themselves doing when they went away to college. I take on the CRAZIEST jobs sometimes. For example today a friend contacted me to write up a letter to be notarized to take someone to court because they don’t have the time to do it and do not want to hire a lawyer. That is sometimes the kind of work I take on. Friends know that I just play online all day and so when they need something they immediately turn to me for my know how.”

Then Jacqueline elaborates even further and we begin to realize we’re in on a rapidly evolving game plan, she really is an intelligent mind at work:

“Every job posting I have come across has wanted experience and well how can you gain experience without a company giving you a foot in the door.

Personally I am not really looking for a career. I don’t see myself working for a company for 30 years because I do indeed plan on venturing out on my own.

I first want to spend a day out there on the streets talking to people. Then next starting a contract career corner per se. I mean my goal was more or less a public service announcement. Gather my super intelligent friends with MBA’s and have a group standing together. It would be an interesting experiment to say the least. I am interested in bringing people together and perhaps starting our own little ventures. I have considered starting many a things but I do not have the time or resources at this point to invest 40 hours a week into something when I myself need to survive.

Anyways I am still trying to piece this all together.”

So, I’m hoping Jacqueline and I can roll with this and build on the momentum of the Examiner article which has raised a lot of questions from both her detractors and her followers.

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