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Posted on February 26th, 2010 by Paul Terry Walhus

Texas Coworking launches at 200 E 6th, Austin

Texas Coworking

200 E. 6th Street, 3rd Floor

in the historic Hannig Row Building

Austin, TX  |  78701

Accepting New Members Now

Conference room at Texas Coworking

Conference room at Texas Coworking

Texas Coworking opened on January 1, 2010 as a new coworking space for Austin, Texas. Texas Coworking is located just one block from Congress and Sixth Street, across from Buffalo Billiards and a half a block from the elegant Driskill Hotel.  It is immediately to the right of BD Riley’s pub in the historic Hannig Row Building.

The conference room, shown left, is flanked on one side by a large “bullpen” coworking area on the other side by a large roof top terrace overlooking Sixth Street with direct line of sight to the Austin Convention Center where SXSW is going to be held in March.

Texas Coworking features two offices available for confidential meetings and phone calls. There is plenty of  room to spread out, focus and get things done.  Texas Coworking features a sumptous reception / concierge area, full kitchen with coffee and drinks, large conference room, high-grade wifi and high speed ethernet wall plates all over, exposed granite walls, a server room with servers for all your IT and web and application development needs,  and a rooftop terrace overlooking 6th Street and the Austin Convention Center.

Here are some pictures of the place, this is a gallery of still shots.  But yes, coming soon,  there will be a video tour featuring Grace Sharington produced by a noted local film maker, Michelle Millette.

Texas Coworking is in the historic Hannig Row building, with an spacious lobby and an elevator. There’ll be lockers big enough for your laptop so members can leave stuff there. There’s plenty of free street parking during the day and Cap Metro stops there. There is free parking all along Sixth Street. You can work there full time or use it occasionally as your office away from your home office.  It’s a great place to meeting clients with the professional reception area and conference room.

Do you need help with your website or IT needs? There is a server room with six robust dual xeon development servers with up to 8 terrabytes of storage each.  Some of these servers are for website prototyping and publishing and are running Linux with a variety of CMS systems (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) and some of these servers are running Windows Server 2008 with Exchange Server 2008 and a full suite of office productivity applications.  We have a team of experienced web developers and IT professionals who can assist you with project design, hosting, application development and promotion.

Coming soon: a concierge to assist you and greet you and your clients and guests as you arrive.  Also, snail mail services, copy services, fax services, and phone VOIP switchboard and more.  Texas Coworking is all about listening to it’s members and providing for their needs.  Texas Coworking wants you to fulfill your full potential.

For creative, independent people who usually work from home or at coffee shops, Texas Coworking offers a spacious downtown office that encourages members to collaborate on projects in a relaxed and productive environment.

Membership is $250 a month. Rate sheet page coming soon for day use and special events and meetings. Texas Coworking will be part of a Coworking Visa program, so for a few days you can use coworking space in other locations as part of your membership.

Come by for a tour today.  Call Derek Williams at 267-608-0505 or Paul Terry at 512-699-4000 for more details.

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